#6 is out – here is the congratulation-to-your-country-list!

We have reached our #6 issue and we are stoked about seeing our baby in 7 countries now. Here is the congratulations to your country list:

Sweden, México, USA, Norway, Ireland, France and the UK.

(We have countrywide distribution in the UK, USA and Sweden, and at selected stores, hotels and favorite shops in the other countries. Please help us congratulate more countries). American_Trails_2_19_INT

Our new magazine is out, and its in two editons! We printed a 164 page magazine in English – and one in Swedish.

Int omslag

The first issue of our magazine is out now! We made an English edition as well as a Swedish one. Exciting times ahead when we already started working on #2, published in March-18. Check us out,  American Trails