Back to back wins!

So we did win the biggest prize this year too for American Trails. Three years winning the prize for best magazine!

#6 is out – here is the congratulation-to-your-country-list!

We have reached our #6 issue and we are stoked about seeing our baby in 7 countries now. Here is the congratulations to your country list: Sweden, México, USA, Norway, Ireland, France and the UK. (We have countrywide distribution in the UK, USA and Sweden, and at selected stores, hotels and favorite shops in theContinue reading “#6 is out – here is the congratulation-to-your-country-list!”

Our fall issue is out!

We are stoked to see our fall issue hit the shelves now! We have been working so hard with this little baby. Its in stores from early September. You can find the magazine in 5 countries (Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland and USA, +500 stores! Check us out at American Trails


Alicante! I went to southern Spain to do some stories about the people, the city and the food culture. Here are some samples from the trip. For story ideas, photos or other matters, please contact me. Contact    


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