After finishing high school in Sweden, I bought my very first Canon and a thick note book, took the boat to Finland, train to Moscow and then jumped on the Trans-Siberian Railroad for Beijing via Mongolia. It was cold as hell, -40, and a little bit of an ordeal, but I loved it instantly. I stayed away half a year on that first real trip and little did I know that my destiny was shaped then and there. After university studies, with a major in anthropology, arts and sociology, I continued my travels, writing and photographing. From then on it has been my occupation.

Photography, arts, culture and society have always fascinated me. I started my own fanzine and wrote music critic for my local paper early on, carrying around my typewriter wherever I went (this was in the predigital age, my daughters would say in the Stone Age…). I went on with photography studies at GFU, Stockholm and ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York. I have worked as a movie-, literature- and art critic for many years. Feature stories is what I do most. I have been contributing to publications and organisations like Unicef and UN with stories from remote areas around the world, for magazines and newspapers in Scandinavia and US.

I am based in Stockholm, in a house on a hill, by a lake with my family.

Its been quite a journey and it will continue – I feel I am just getting more and more curious. Its pretty easy to summarize it all – people, places and passions.

For purchase of articles, photographs, collaboration ideas or other matters, contact me at: , or +46 733928499